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2021 Salary Guide

This guide is your one-of-a-kind planning tool for negotiating salaries with Atlanta Accounting and Finance professionals that you want to recruit and retain.

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Growing an International Manufacturing Company Through Executive Search

Growing an International Manufacturing Company Through Executive Search

In 2009, we started our close relationship with what is now a $300M international manufacturing and distribution company. In 2009, they were just passing the $15M mark and needed their first Controller. Over the next decade, we would partner with them again and again as they would hit a new phase that required someone with specific skills to help them reach their new target. This organization needed a recruiting partner that could deeply understand their dynamic business needs and provide high-level executive professionals to help them achieve their business goals. Accountants One was up for the challenge.

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Building A Contingent Work Force

Building A Contingent Work Force

A $10M services firm that had just acquired two of their competitors in less than 3 years and tripled their client list discovered that they had a severely understaffed organization for the new business they were receiving. To avoid losing their unmatched industry-leading service and commitment, they needed to augment their team with a contingent labor force to keep up with demand. They needed a staffing partner who could quickly take action, so they turned to Accountants One for help.

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Direct Hire Staffing Solution

Direct Hire Staffing Solution

After a $150M publicly-traded technology company moved from the West Coast to Atlanta, their stock took a major dive, and their new Atlanta-based employees became quickly demoralized. An organization that was already taking on water by a downwardly spiraling economy was even further damaged by a rushed and erratic hiring process. Quickly receiving negative press in Atlanta, there were no candidates that took interest in working for the company in such disarray. The organization’s new Chief Financial Officer who saw potential in this organization had a monumental task ahead of him. So, he turned to Accountants One for help.

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Thoughts on Counteroffers

During our history, Accountants One has seen many counteroffers and there have been very few instances where a counteroffer has proven to be a sensible career move. In fact, our belief is that most counteroffers are simply stall tactics. The only time when a counteroffer is legitimate is when it addresses the precise issue(s) that

The Part-Time CFO as a Strategy for Today’s Market

The search for Accounting and Finance talent is tough and getting tougher. Therefore, I thought I’d share a strategy that many of our clients are effectively utilizing to counter this tough market – the part-time / “been there done that” CFO. The economy is terrific. One might think that growth would be easy. Unfortunately, we

Behavioral Interview Questions (With Examples)

The behavioral interview is the best tool for predicting success in the hiring process. In the hands of an organized hiring team, behavioral questions virtually guarantee a successful hire. Once an effective candidate pool has been established, a strong hiring team will systematically move through those potential hires using behavioral questions. Behavioral questions focus on

Creating an Effective Candidate Pool

Your company needs to hire. Bill in purchasing knows someone who is looking. Not exactly the right fit, but Bill can vouch for him, after all, they have “ hung out” several times. After a cursory interview Bill’s friend is hired. Hopefully you have never worked for a company where you experienced this scenario. Hiring

The Impact of Corporate Culture In Your Hiring Process
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