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Our 50 Year Giveaway Includes

Foreigner Farewell Tour

Want to rock out with the ’70s band, Foreigner? The vet rock troupe is coming to Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, GA this summer on July 6th. This giveaway includes 2 tickets to the show and is guaranteed to be a great time!

Atlanta Staycation

Enjoy a staycation in our great city at the groovy, ’70s-inspired Hotel Clermont. You’ll get a one-night stay and a swanky dinner on Accountants One. Nestled in Atlanta’s colorful Poncey-Highland neighborhood, Hotel Clermont is a perfect getaway to experience all that Atlanta has to offer.

A Tribute to Pink Floyd

The Southeast’s premier Pink Floyd tribute band, Interstellar Echoes will be at MadLife Stage & Studios on May 26, 2023. Win up to 8 tickets to this night out for you and your team or you and your friends and rock on!