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Learn about Dan Erling's book -- MATCH: A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time. Published in December 2010 by Wiley Publishing. Available wherever books and ebooks are sold.

MOST RECENT: Dractically Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Through Hiring.

Accountants One CEO and author of MATCH, Dan Erling, leads hiring managers through the MATCH process. MATCH has a proven track record for companies hiring their next: Controller, Accounting Manager, Staff Accountant, Auditor, Tax Accountant, A/P or A/R Clerk, Data Entry Clerk.


A Controller's and Business Owner's Guide to the New IRS Tangible Property Regulations, also known as Repair Regulations

Wednesday, February 26, at 7:30 am continental breakfast; Presentation 8:15am to 10:15am. A no cost CPE presentation on:

  • The treatment of materials and supplies.
  • The treatment of repair and maintenance costs.
  • Capital expenditures.
  • Costs incurred in the acquisition and / or production of tangible property.
  • Costs paid for the improvement of tangible property.


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