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Exclusive Retained Search

In this exclusive retained approach to hiring the right person, Accountants One becomes your trusted hiring advisor. Together we go through the entire MATCH process – from the creation of the job description, through candidate sourcing, the job offer and retention. We use behavioral interviewing techniques that are customized to your search and reflect your corporate culture. We will even assist with on-boarding and retention at your request. This systematic process virtually guarantees a successful hire. Our one-year guarantee shows our confidence in the MATCH process.

Direct Hire

Accountants One has been building long-term relationships since 1973. Our network is vast and built upon a reputation of honesty, integrity and confidentiality. We are constantly sourcing the market in search of the highest level of talent at each salary band. So, when you engage Accountants One in a risk-free Contingency Search you will have access to a database that is over 40 years old. Further, our recruiting specialists will LISTEN carefully to your needs with the goal of sending over three qualified, interviewed and screened candidates for you to choose from. After your decision is made we will help you manage the offer stage – ensuring that you are hiring an enthusiastic employee without overpaying.

Long-Term Staffing Solutions

Research shows that companies that utilize a staffing model are more profitable than those that do not. The key to this profitability equation is flexibility. Being able to quickly ramp your team up or down provides you with a competitive advantage. The experts at Accountants One can help you formulate a long-term staffing plan. We have the experience and resources to be your exclusive staffing partner.

Short-Term Staffing Solutions

A short-term accounting or finance project? A maternity leave? A bookkeeper with a case of the flu? Maybe even an Excel guru to help with a complex spreadsheet. All of these are cases where Accountants One can bring you value through the utilization of a temporary accounting or finance professional. Call us at 9:00 AM and we can have someone there by noon.

Temp-to-Hire Placement

In specific hiring situations a temp-to-hire solution may be ideal. This “try before you buy” strategy allows you to evaluate a candidate on a contract basis, and after the evaluation period make the decision to hire.

Fractional CFO Services

Accountants One can provide a part-time or interim CFO at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. This low-risk solution allows our customers to access CFOs with expertise in a specific industry or skill. There are no long-term contracts and our customers are billed only for the hours worked by our CFOs.

Payrolling Accountants

Accountants One can assist with payrolling. Companies that need to add talent, but are not in the position to hire, can use Accountants One to payroll a candidate. Through this approach, Accountants One maintains the role of official employer – issuing the paycheck while the candidate performs tasks for your organization.

Healthcare Staffing

We’ve built the networks and tools to serve you. Our firm brings 45-years of relationship driven recruiting experience to the healthcare space, placing professionals who can readily offer cost effective and creative solutions to the capture, billing, and collection of healthcare revenue. We are industry experts and align ourselves as trusted staffing partners with the organizations we serve.

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Thoughts on Counteroffers

During our history, Accountants One has seen many counteroffers and there have been very few instances where a counteroffer has proven to be a sensible career move. In fact, our belief is that most counteroffers are simply stall tactics. The only time when a counteroffer is legitimate is when it addresses the precise issue(s) that

The Part-Time CFO as a Strategy for Today’s Market

The search for Accounting and Finance talent is tough and getting tougher. Therefore, I thought I’d share a strategy that many of our clients are effectively utilizing to counter this tough market – the part-time / “been there done that” CFO. The economy is terrific. One might think that growth would be easy. Unfortunately, we

Behavioral Interview Questions (With Examples)

The behavioral interview is the best tool for predicting success in the hiring process. In the hands of an organized hiring team, behavioral questions virtually guarantee a successful hire. Once an effective candidate pool has been established, a strong hiring team will systematically move through those potential hires using behavioral questions. Behavioral questions focus on

Creating an Effective Candidate Pool

Your company needs to hire. Bill in purchasing knows someone who is looking. Not exactly the right fit, but Bill can vouch for him, after all, they have “ hung out” several times. After a cursory interview Bill’s friend is hired. Hopefully you have never worked for a company where you experienced this scenario. Hiring

The Impact of Corporate Culture In Your Hiring Process
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