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The Accountants One Salary Guide

True insight into today’s hiring market.

The Intended Use of the Accountants One Salary Survey

This salary survey is intended to provide a starting point for evaluating an employee’s compensation. We believe that the data we have collected constitutes something totally unique – a salary survey specific to the Atlanta market. We hope you find it a helpful tool.


Clarification on Methodology

All salary data refers to a base compensation and does not include bonuses, benefits, or any other compensation. The salary ranges show average low (25th percentile), mean, and average high (75th percentile). The data shown is based on the contract, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements made by Accountants One in 2021. Outliers (extremely high or low salary data) have been removed from this data before calculation.

Variables to Consider When Comparing Salaries
Level of education, certifications, length of experience, skill set, willingness to travel, level of responsibility, industry, size of employer, and budget considerations will affect salary ranges.

Please note that a strong argument could be made for us to include subcategories in our Salary Survey titles. For instance, categorizing Public vs. Private Controllers could be beneficial. If this breakdown would be helpful to you, contact your recruiter for a FREE customized salary report.