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Accountants One would like to give a special thank you to all who took part in our CPE this morning, ‘Negotiating M&A Deals: Keys to Success in a Hot Market’. This super-star panel of Deals Professionals gave more than 60 Atlanta area CFOs, Controllers, and VPs great insight into the state of today’s market, M&A strategies, tips on how to maximize a deal, and more.
Sponsoring companies, Bennett Thrasher, Bravaldo Capital, Maynard, Cooper & Gale, and Accountants One were excited to see such a large interest in this topic.

A special thank you to our speakers, sponsors and to Holder Construction for graciously hosting. For more information on future CPE events, please be sure to visit our Upcoming Events page at www.accountantsone.com/category/upcoming-events/.

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From left to right: Don Bravaldo, Ben Emmons, Vijay Vaswani, Alex Ferguson, Brent Harris, Gina Miller, Zennie Lynch, Jr., Bob Dow, Larry Swinney
From left to right: David Kloess, Don Bravaldo, Brent Harris, Bob Dow

Dan Erling of Accountants One and colleagues