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Guide to Successful Interviewing

Prior to every interview your recruiter will go over in detail such areas as corporate culture, company benefits and salary. This sheet covers some additional items to keep in mind. Before Research the company Prepare several good questions Know how to get there — if necessary, make a trial run Dress for success — and the level

Resign with Grace (your career may depend on it)

The impression you leave during your resignation process can have a significant impact on your future recommendations. In this age of mergers and emails, the business community is getting smaller and more connected everyday. Negative impressions can easily be passed through the grapevine. Your boss today may be your vendor tomorrow. Resign only after receiving

Thoughts on Counteroffers

During our history, Accountants One has seen many counteroffers and there have been very few instances where a counteroffer has proven to be a sensible career move. In fact, our belief is that most counteroffers are simply stall tactics. The only time when a counteroffer is legitimate is when it addresses the precise issue(s) that

Top 5 Resume Tips

The Objective of a Resume is to get an Interview! These are just a few of Accountants One’s suggested tips for a resume. Be concise – limit resume to 2 pages Use the Bullet Format – this is easy to read Avoid fancy fonts (typefaces) and page layouts Tailor your resume to the job description

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