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Accountants One Staffing & Recruiting

What are the advantages of working with Accountants One in an accounting or finance job search?

We focus on creating long-term relationships. So, what does this look like? We enjoy personally getting to know you. We interview face-to-face to better understand you, your preferences, experiences, and career goals. After a thorough interview, we strive to match you to an organization that fits what you are looking for, both technical and culture fit. You can count on us to assist you in finding a role where you can grow and flourish!


How will Accountants One find accounting and finance jobs that are right for me?

We use something called the maTch process. This is our best practices approach to hiring. We assess the technical requirements and the corporate culture of our clients. This gives us the advantage of providing a much deeper understanding of any role that we are working on. By adhering to this proven hiring methodology our success rate has stayed above 90% for over a decade – as compared to the industry average of 60%. The entire Accountants One team is trained in this impactful approach to hiring.


Are there fees for working with Accountants One?

There is no charge to any job seeker who works with Accountants One. Recruiting fees are paid to us by our clients. They pay us to find you!


How can I ensure that my job search is confidential?

We have a fanatical focus on three key tenets: honesty, integrity and confidentiality. We deal with Accounting and Finance Professionals – always have and always will. Our reputation is all we have so we are extremely sensitive with your job search.


How do I begin working with Accountants One?

You can begin the process by applying for a job on our website. We will review your resume and contact you for a face-to-face interview. If you aren’t necessarily looking for a new career right now, but would still like to meet our team and keep a pulse on the market, please register for an Upcoming Event.


What is the history of Accountants One?

Accountants One has been recruiting Accounting and Financial professionals in Atlanta since 1973. As a boutique firm, focusing on high-quality relationship building has allowed us to develop a unique database populated by an elite group of candidates. Our commitment to honesty, integrity, and confidentiality attracts an exceptional community of candidates focused on ethical career growth.


Need more information?

Meet our team or call our toll-free number 1.877.505.1973 to reach our headquarters.

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