Accountant/Data Analyst

$39.00+ Per Hour  |
Contract, Contract-to-Hire
Excel guru with 20+ years of audit, data, and technology processes
  • Internal/External Audit, Information Technology, Financial Systems, Corporate Accounting, Data Analysis.
  • Built comprehensive Excel VBA/SQL budget system from scratch.
  • Supported financial reporting system conversion (year-long, enterprise-wide modernization initiative).
  • BS in Accounting; passed CIA, CMA, CISA, CPA exams (inactive).
  • Reference from a former colleague: “Time after time I observed as he delivered customized solutions to challenging requests from all levels in the company, including top executives and outside consultants…the vast amount of data was always presented in a way that was logical and useable.”
  • Available for part-time, full-time contract and contract-to-hire roles at $39/hour.
ID: 487870