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The Objective of a Resume is to get an Interview!!

  • Be concise (Limit resume to 2 pages)
  • Use the Bullet Format (see actual sample below) - this format is easy to read and/or eye scan.
  • Avoid fancy typefaces/fonts and page layouts.
  • Tailor your resume to the job description you are responding to - highlight important points or words, particularly those contained in the job description.
  • Be clear in your writing; do not assume the reader will know what you mean.
  • Do not include an "objective" at the top of your resume. This is risky, particularly if
    your objective is different than the job description or that of the reader's.

These are just a few of Accountants One's suggested tips for a resume.

The following link shows an example of a selected portion of an actual resume with "Before" and "After" versions (after applying some of our "tips").

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