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Recruiting Process

The greatest strength of our firm is our recruiting process. Here are the 14 steps that we follow in order to locate and place the best talent in Atlanta.

Initial Meeting
We have to work as a team in order to be effective. Thoroughness is the key. Not only will we have to discuss all the skills needed to complete the job, but we'll also need to thoroughly cover growth potential, corporate culture, management style, etc. An introduction to key employees may be necessary. Finally, the Accountants One Service Agreement will need to be signed before we move forward.
Strategy Session
Your Accountants One representative will take the information collected in the INITIAL MEETING back to the office. A small group will formulate the approach needed to most effectively conduct the search.
Recruiting Plan
Utilizing a variety of tools, a RECRUITING PLAN will be formulated, focusing on companies that utilize the talents you desire in your hire.
Accountants One utilizes the Morgan Method of recruiting. This approach provides a very effective means of recruiting top talent in an ethical manner.
Recruited candidates are brought in and interviewed thoroughly. Each recruiter is trained to test job skills as well as interpersonal skills. The interview process is intended to bring out long and short term goals of the candidate while concurrently focusing on the value that the candidate's skills will bring to the company both long and short term.
The candidate's resume will be stored in our Oracle Database, along with pertinent information on salary requirements, locations preferred, technical skills, management style and preference of working environment.
When appropriate, candidates will be asked to take skill tests on accounting, finance, and spreadsheets. At your request, we can also take care of drug screening, background checks, etc.
Reference Checking
Thorough referencing will be done on each candidate. Not only will professional references be checked, but personal references are checked as well. We believe that the personal reference will help us to evaluate if the candidate is ready to make a change in their career.
Narrowing the Field
After evaluating numerous candidates we will come up with a short list of 2 to 4 candidates. We believe that our value is earned not so much in the presentation of those 2 to 4 candidates, but in the candidates we DO NOT present.
Interviewing Arrangements
By providing us with your calendar, we will take care of all scheduling all interviews.
We will manage the offer to the candidate. Ensuring that you will not pay a cent more than you have to in order to bring on the talents of the candidate you want to hire.
Managing Counteroffers
We begin to manage counteroffers from the day we interview. We have the tools to assist candidates in making transitions, and the track record to show the effectiveness of these tools.
Start Day
We'll congratulate the candidate on their first day of work, and treat you to lunch in celebration of your new hire.
Follow Up
For 90 days after the hire, we will follow up to make sure that everything is going well. After 90 days our experience shows that follow up is no longer needed; however, we'll continue to keep in touch with the employee for their entire career.
By using
The MATCH Process Accountants One is able to offer a
one-year guarantee on our Direct Hire Placements.
Ask us how we can help you hire the right person every time.

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