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Fee Structure
Direct Hire Placement
Fee for a Salary of:
up to $50,000
$50,000 - $99,999
over $100,000
of annualized salary
Guarantee There is a 90-day replacement guarantee. In the event that the candidate is unsatisfactory, Accountants One will provide a replacement at no additional charge as long as the invoice is paid within fifteen (15) calendar days.
Contract or Contract-to-Hire Placement
Rates Dependent upon salary
Conversion After you evaluate the performance and potential of our employee, you may wish to hire this person on a permanent basis. This can be done at any time. As the fee varies according to salary, please contact your recruiter for a breakdown of the cost.
Guarantee If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the employee, Accountants One will replace the individual and bill you for the hours worked. In the event termination occurs the first day, we will not bill for the first eight hours worked, if the employee is replaced by Accountants One.
*Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice
By using
The MATCH Process Accountants One is able to offer a
one-year guarantee on our Direct Hire Placements.
Ask us how we can help you hire the right person every time.

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