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The $150M public company had just moved from the West Coast to Atlanta. Like many technology companies, their business situation was desperate. In the heyday of the dot com explosion, their stock was trading at $125, but due to the difficulties of the post-9/11 economy had tumbled to $0.12.  The challenges were significant- only a few key employees remained after a move from the West Coast to Atlanta and the new employees quickly became demoralized. An organization that was already taking on water by a downwardly spiraling economy was even further damaged by a rushed and erratic hiring process. The Accounting department was missing quarterly deadlines, and the Atlanta business newspaper was touting the bad PR across the city. Already the word on the street was a negative one – candidates had no interest in joining a company in such disarray.   
Those who saw the potential in this company included the new CFO -- a brilliant guy with lots of energy, street smarts, and an uncanny knack of making those around him feel important and capable beyond their abilities. The CEO took notice and gave the CFO the responsibility of, first, keeping the ship from sinking, and second, getting the ship repaired and back on course. The new CFO had a monumental task ahead of him. His company:  last year, the darling of the investment world; now, on the verge of dying completely. His staff: hastily cobbled together rather than carefully selected. So, he turned to Accountants One for help. 
Our first step was to listen and then work very hard to ensure the success of our client. This process began when we sat down with the CFO and the Human Resources Director to share their vision and the organizational chart of the Accounting and Finance Department. We also spoke with several of the CFO’s former employees and employers, clarifying communication and management style. This step brought great value to the process and we were able to quickly assess candidates who were a fit for the manager.   
By taking the time to get to know our client, we positioned the organization as a company that was destined for greatness and candidates who previously saw a company with a tarnished reputation, were now able to see the quality of the CFO and the team he was developing. We conducted behavioral interviews, gaining an in-depth knowledge of technical skills, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, communication style, and management preferences. The CFO and HR Director used that data to prioritize their personnel focus.
Our research and data collection allowed the company to develop an effective personality profile. By combining the personality expectations of the internal team with our observations, the company was able to better describe the culture of the organization. This helped them identify the key attributes necessary in putting together a team capable of maximum productivity.
Over the course of our business relationship, Accountants One has recruited over 30 people to bring value to this organization. They are back to being a darling of the investment world, with analysts bragging about the rebound of a great company. The corporate culture is one of accomplishment and success, and the Accounting department hasn't missed a deadline since the new CFO took the stage. The company recently went through a successful merger, purchasing another company to augment their service line.
“Accountants One got to know me. They talked to people I had worked with previously. They learned my strengths as well as my weaknesses. They told me that they only send me people who will help me succeed.   I interviewed the ones they sent. Sure enough, they were correct. I received candidates who wanted to work for someone like me, in an industry I am in and who needed my type of leadership for their own success. We were quickly able to hire and fill our positions.
I have never experienced such caring service from any recruiting agency during my twenty-two year career! The Accountants One recruiters significantly enhance any one's organization because of their skill set and most importantly, because of their caring approach.”
$150M Public Company
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The MATCH Process Accountants One is able to offer a
one-year guarantee on our Direct Hire Placements.
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