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A $10M Services Company had just purchased two of their competitors in less than 3 years, tripling their client list. Commercial and residential building was booming and they were riding the wave of endless business. Their level of service and commitment was unmatched in their industry and everyone was taking notice. However, a seemingly terrific situation-too much business-quickly turned into a nightmare for the severely understaffed organization. Business was growing, but unfortunately the staff had not. Management was so busy trying to fill orders, there was no time to invest in the hiring process.  The organization’s retention rate was extremely low; employees quickly became frustrated by the work load and quit. The Accounting department (or lack thereof) was in complete disarray; invoices were never sent, A/R was never collected, and any semblance of an organized billing process was quickly crumbling. The lack of organization was now reflected in the company’s sales and management knew they had to take action, so they turned to Accountants One for help.      
Our first step was to listen and then work very hard to ensure the success of our client. We realized the urgent need for staff and the Accountants One Contract Division reacted immediately. With a database full of highly qualified, pre-screened candidates, the recruiter was able to quickly staff accounting professionals with experience that directly applied to this client’s situation. These candidates were skilled in deadline driven projects and were able to quickly get the accounting process organized.  In these cases, Accountants One became the employer for the contract employee – providing a back-office payrolling service and eliminating a variety of paperwork issues, potential benefit problems, liability, and exposure.  
By taking the time to get to know our client, we recommended that the company implement a Credit and Collections department to keep the billing process on track. The company loved the idea and turned to Accountants One to create and staff the entire department. 
Over the course of our business relationship, Accountants One has recruited 54 employees to bring value to this organization and their staff size has since doubled. The accountants that were hired to temporarily perform project work were a perfect fit for the organization and were offered permanent employment.  The Credit and Collections department is functioning properly and sales reflect the organized invoicing process. Despite the current economic climate, the organization had to re-locate their corporate office to continue to facilitate the growth they are experiencing. They have also added 3 executive level staff members to manage this growth.
“Accountants One has definitely amazed me with the candidates they were able to find that worked out great! Our recruiter goes out of her way to get good candidates for us. She is very flexible and always delivers high quality service”
$10M Services Company
By using
The MATCH Process Accountants One is able to offer a
one-year guarantee on our Direct Hire Placements.
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